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Annoys at Park Safe: After registering and paying them for my spot I got a ticket after parking in it. They made me waste my time to get it resolved. They make money for nothing and they make the government money while selling an illusion of security. Really just a useless company that does not benefit anyone but themselves and the government. Advice for Park Safe: Don't have your parking idiots give multiple tickets in a day Does not like people at Park Safe for: I do not benefit from giving them my money


How does the work on position of Customer Success Specialist with earnings of $11.60 - $14.00 an hour look like? Can anyone employed in that position tell something about their duties, and generally about working at Park Safe?


Park Safe is currently searching for someone for the position of Information Systems Technician – Parking Control Systems at Park Safe Inc. in Ottawa. Have you participated in this process? What do you believe people considering working there should pay attention to.


Has anyone of you worked as technician, software testing (earnings: $33.65 an hour) at Park Safe? Will you tell us what working in that position really takes? What is required from the candidates during the recruitment process?


Does anyone of you work at Park Safe and can write something about them, or has information about new positions? We wait for new information.


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