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THIS IS A SCAM! If you get an email or see a job offet from Scolibe Technical Services, do not accept! They lure you in by offering you a decent wage per hour and 3% commission, but they also take your information such as your credit card. It is 100% a scam.


I recently got offered a at-home job as a so-called cashier to take money from my bank account and go to a bitcoin ATM and deposit it. It would be huge amounts of money, more than I'm comfortable with. At first I thought it was okay sounding (desperate for money) but over time could no longer ignore certain things like grammar and spelling mistakes, the fact that they couldn't do this job themselves out of their office. Never trust anything that sounds too good to be true.

@Beth1814 24.05.2018 14:59

Hey I got the same offer too, can you tell me more about it ? is it a scam ?


What’s new at Scolibe Technical Services , you don’t write anything new, and we don’t know how employment there looks like? Maybe someone is willing to share their observations?


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